Porcelain’s First Photos

by theobfuscatedone

I have a present for you!  Here are a multitude of photos that were taken by my lovely, talented, and exceedingly nice friend, C.  She is also my collaborator on the final art show.  She has been the one who has been patient and calm throughout, while I alternatively rant and fidget with impatience.  Her photography will be on offer at the show.  She works in traditional dark room black and white.  To make everyone who has any sense insanely covetous, some of her photographs will have some of my pieces in them.  A double dose of amazing artistic talent in one piece.  Commence cold sweating á la bidders at auction.

To recap- In these photos I am working with a porcelain clay body.  It might be the love of my life.  At the very least I am ruined for all other clay bodies (I’m totally okay with this.  Working with porcelain is like eating really expensive, delicious butter.  It’s definitely one of those situations where once you go porcelain…)  On to the photos.

My clay covered hand (that black thumb is the thumb I slammed in my sliding glass door. Nice huh?) holding a pendulum pendant.One of the projects I am working on is concerned with time. I have made a number of hourglasses and this photo is of one of the first pendulum pendants I finished. Out of the three I trimmed that day, I think this one turned out the best. The plastic is because it is hot off my improvised chuck, which had to be covered in plastic to prevent the pendant sticking.

A lovely shot of all the pieces I have to trim. This is work I produced the day before the photo was taken. My goal was to get it all trimmed so that it would be ready to go in its first firing (the bisque firing.) This did not happen because not everything was dry enough to trim. Guess what I'm doing today?

Three small pieces that are finished. These three pieces are completely done and ready to use. They were created entirely by me. Isn't the glaze lovely? It's my favorite. Technical Details: Porcelain clay body thrown on the hump, fired to cone 10 with reduction, glaze: candace black, sprayed on.

Finessing an improvised chuck for trimming little tiny pendulum pendants (I even impressed myself at this point.) My hands are throwing an improvised chuck so that I can trim the three little tiny pendulum pendants I had made. The pendants were so small that I was concerned that trimming them would be impossible. Turned out that the improvised chuck worked remarkably well and all three pendants made it through AND looked good. I was so impressed with my ingenuity that I asked a friend, T, to come bask in my glory. He was suitably impressed.

I have more photos but I think that what’s already up is enough for you to get a sense of what I do.  I used some pottery terms in the descriptions so if there are questions, feel free to ask in the comments (is there a need for me to do a glossary of pottery terms? [I love that I am working under the assumption that people are reading this blog])  I’ll be back in the studio today to finish working on the pieces in the second shot.

In other news, C and I continue to send out feelers for alternative spaces for our show.  We have not heard back from anyone in the university’s administration regarding the issue.  We remain hopeful (and pessimistic, if you’re me.)  Au revoir.