To Laugh or to Cry?

by theobfuscatedone

As I’ve been harping about having an abundance of unresolved situations in my life, the universe has been busy behind the scenes.  Today it decided to unveil one of the resolutions it had come up with.  The resolution is for the final thesis show.  What follows is a factual account of recent events with an heaping measure of sarcasm and frustrated anger.

It has been a little over 2 weeks since the meeting between C, myself, and the president of our university.  At that meeting we all agreed that C and I would be provided with an update at the 2 week mark.  No update has been forthcoming so C and I called the president’s office.  We spoke to her assistant who provided the following information.  First, the space we have been trying to secure for 7 months is not an option.  Second, they are looking for alternative spaces.  We were not informed of either of these things until we took the initiative to make the phone call.  The reason the first bit of info is a problem is self explanatory.  The second is a problem because not consulting the people who are making the artwork and putting on the show doesn’t make a whole lot of sense and it’s incredibly disrespectful.  Now that we know all this, C and I are planning our next actions accordingly.  We are frustrated, angry, disappointed, and confused as to why any of this has happened.  Since I am not the only one who feels this way, I feel it’s safe to say that this is one fucked up situation.  I really had hoped to be writing a gleeful, tinged-with-happiness post about how we had the space and everything was a settled and now all that was left to do was for us to work our butts off in our respective studios until next year.  Instead, I have another depressing and inexplicable installment in the Final Show Saga.

Since the only decent response to the news recounted above is, “What the fuck?” I will give you a moment to think that or, if you’re so inclined, say it out loud.

I was going to add something slightly more positive to try and offset the crap in the first portion but I’m too tired, too frustrated, and too confused to come up with anything.  I’m going on a sort of vacation.  This might mean I post on the hour every hour or I might not post at all.  Until then…