A Shorty

by theobfuscatedone

WARNING: Unpleasant description of bodily (dys)function ahead.

I’m very sick.  I spent Tuesday night and most of Wednesday morning vomiting up the contents of my stomach and, once that was emptied, dry heaving continuously.  I slept on my bathroom floor.  I am incredibly grateful that Emily was visiting last week and that spurred me into cleaning my toilet and bathroom. Vomiting into a dirty toilet would have been much less pleasant than vomiting into a clean toilet.  It’s the little things in life.

Today, Thursday, I am not voiding my stomach repeatedly but I still feel like death on toast.  Last night, I had a kind thought about Kaiser Permanente my health insurance/mortal enemy and realized just how sick I was.  The only reason that I am even using energy to write this short update is because I found a video that prompted the first smile in three days.

Hope you enjoy.  I promise that once I feel better I will write a pithy and insightful post about something other than vomit.