A Resolution of Sorts

by theobfuscatedone

Just a quick note to update the world on the final show saga.  I am fiendishly busy and attempting to do research for my thesis without being able to access any of the school’s research databases.  Being a TA is fun and challenging but is also incredibly exhausting.  Physical exhaustion coupled with the bizarre (to me) heat wave and I am not functioning at peak capacity.  I promise to write something pithy and insightful soon (and by soon I mean when I feel like it.  Just don’t hold your breath.)

C and I have been offered the space in Edgehill for our show.  You know, that space we were told we couldn’t use, no way no how?  Mind you, they didn’t tell C and me directly. They told the Chair of the Art Department who eventually told me and I, in turn, passed the information on to C.  Don’t bother posting comments asking the inevitable “why?”  I have no fucking idea.  I have decided to completely ignore everything they do until such time as there is something concrete to act upon. The whole thing is still very nebulous and before we can say definitively we are having a show and it is happening in Edeghill a bunch of stuff still has to be discussed and decided.  We’ll have it all sorted by my 80th birthday.  It all feels terribly anticlimactic to me.