A Challenge

by theobfuscatedone

As I am doing research for my thesis I have been thinking a lot about the difference between art and craft, ceramics(or sculpture depending on your background/preference) and pottery.  As someone who works primarily on the wheel, frequently makes functional items, and places a lot of emphasis on technique- my stuff, often by default, gets labeled pottery.

Now, arguments about correct definitions aside, what would YOU call the hourglasses?  Pottery?  Sculpture?  A physical manifestation of an overactive mind?  Inquiring (overactive) minds want to know.  To refresh your memory and keep you from having to expend any energy scrolling down to the earlier blog post, some pictures:

Three hourglasses headed to the kiln.


The beginning of an hourglass, wheel thrown.

I want to hear from any and everyone- What is your gut reaction?  How would you classify the hourglasses?