The Expectations of Women

by theobfuscatedone

I feel that finding a few pairs of suitable pajama pants should be fairly easy.   Unfortunately, since I self identify my gender as female, anything labeled for “women” is generally what I am expected to gravitate towards.  I say “unfortunately” because I generally HATE the color pink.  And every company in the universe seems to think that because I have XX chromosomes I must have a penchant for the sartorial equivalent of bubblegum.  I.  DO.  NOT.  Seriously, pink everything is not a prerequisite for being female.

Oddly enough, pink was once the go-to color for boys; BOYS.  It was considered a strong color and therefore far more suitable for the male of the species. Since it was imperative that boys develop strength in childhood, become strong adults, and protect and perpetuate the human race (obviously, that is the sole reason for the existence of the XY chromosome…), boys were dressed in various shades of Pepto Bismal, bubblegum, and… I have so little experience with the color pink I cannot come up with a third iconic pink object off the top of my head.  I do not know how pink went from a guys’ color to one for girls but it has and in such a way that has resulted in me frequently browsing the women’s section of any store and thinking to myself, “if only it wasn’t exclusively available in a color I can only assume is an unfortunate combo of unicorn shit and blindness.”  It has also resulted in my shopping excursions generally ending with me perusing the men’s section while wishing for better sewing skills/patience.

All I want is to come across pajama pants that have been designed for women (I can’t sew and I feel kind of rude asking people who have graciously offered to hem things for me to put in more work than absolutely necessary) that are available in any shade of black, blue, green, yellow, orange, gray… I’d even accept a dark purple… just no pink.  Please.  Allow me to showcase my gender in other ways.  I wear dresses, have breasts, a high octave voice- it’s fairly fucking obvious I am female without requiring me to be swathed in one of my worst nightmares.

Now, does anyone know where I can find some non-pink pj pants?

Also, I still (always) need candy.  Just sayin’.