For Your Consideration

by theobfuscatedone

I’m sick.  Again.  I’m not pleased but there isn’t a whole lot I can do about it at this juncture.  Instead, I am watching “Dr. Who” on Netflix (I’m currently bored with it but it makes decent background noise.) and researching tattoos in between naps.  I’ve been up since 6am (I find it very hard to sleep and throw up at the same time- am I the only one?)  What I truly hate about being sick is that my brain still works at an almost normal speed.  I can’t do anything, physically, but mentally, except for a bit of slowness, I continue to function, leaving me in a quandary as to how to keep myself occupied without expending any energy. I’ve been working on my thesis and doing research on various topics.  The latest one- tattoos.  Since my plan is to get another one in the near future, they’ve been on my mind.

I came across a very brief article about tattoos in the workplace.  To summarize: some workplaces don’t allow visible tattoos.  Not exactly a revelation (except to CNN, obviously) but a truth nonetheless.  I had a similar discussion with my mother about a week ago; she was concerned that I hadn’t considered the societal ramifications of my choice.  The issue was that I had but hadn’t told her I had.  I suggested that she could look at it in one of two ways, her choice: either she (and my father) did a great job in raising an independent, thoughtful, intelligent person who doesn’t make huge decisions on the fly but will not allow society to dictate her actions or she and my father ruined me by allowing me to grow into an independent, thoughtful, and intelligent person who doesn’t make huge decisions on the fly but will not allow society to dictate her actions.  Either way…  I’m getting a tattoo.  It will be visible (not that it matters since all my others are too) but, in keeping with my other tattoos, it will be simple, black, and, as far as tattoos go, unobtrusive. As with any good tattoo, it will simply become part of my overall appearance and persona (I will not be getting my name written in huge gothic letters anywhere on my person- unless you have recurrent amnesia and require a constant reminder of your given name: DO NOT DO THIS.  You will be judged, harshly.)

Here’s the thing: tattoos, well done, are incredibly personal works of art.  Most people with good, original tattoos spend a lot of time making their decision. They weigh the pros and cons and ultimately decide that they have the right, in fact, responsibility, to make their own decisions regarding it.  For some, this means getting tattooed and for others it means being a vegan.  What it doesn’t mean is that anyone has the right to dictate for anyone else what they should do.  If you’re a vegan, for whatever reason, this means not proselytizing to others about how the vegan lifestyle is so much healthier/moral/environmentally friendly/whatever than another.

If you’ve made it this far, you can probably extrapolate and get to the same place I would go but don’t have the energy to.  Do that.  As for me, it’s nap time.

Where I want to be.

At least one of us is happy.

The above link has some lovely tattoo images.  Enjoy.