For B, D, O, L, BH, M, C, and T

by theobfuscatedone

Tonight’s blogthing post is dedicated, specifically, to my friends, new friends, short bus kitty, and family, and, generally, everyone.

Thank you for everything.

Raise your hand if you had a great Thanksgiving.  I am certainly raising my hand.  Now that I’m home and everyone is hopped up on tryptophan, let’s talk about just how great my Thanksgiving was.

I spent this Thanksgiving, for the second time in my life, away from my family.  Since moving here I have met some wonderful people.  One of the wonderful people has been C.  Not only has she been a great friend to me but she has been my gateway to a world of truly delightful people.  This year, C, T, and I went to the home of their friends, B and D.  (There’s going to be a lot of initials in this post, FYI.  This is what happens when you meet people you like and plan to immortalize in a blogthing, you start running out of available name abbreviations- a small price to pay.)

I already love C and T.  Tonight I met and now adore: B, D, O, L (I met and adored her last Thanksgiving, actually.), BH, and M.  Now, I’m fairly certain that everyone knows that when I say I adore someone, I do not say it flippantly.  I am incredibly discerning when it comes to other people and my list of friends, though short, is full of people that I would do almost anything for (Possibilities: disposing of corpses [I’m looking at you T], hopping on the first plane to wherever, answering the phone at 1 am, delivering unqualified love- you know, the usual.)  Tonight, my list got 5 people longer.

The details (there were just too many and the magic would get lost in the retelling.  I originally started this post thinking it would recount the events of tonight… instead it’s a love fest.) shall remain with the attendees but today’s Thanksgiving celebration was all I ever want.  There were people I love, people to begin to love, yummy food, stimulating conversation, generosity, comfort, and a calming sense of being where I was supposed to be.  I am more grateful than I can adequately express for the experience of tonight (In fact, I had such a lovely time that when I got home the first thing I did was write, and enjoyed writing, a ‘thank you’ card- a first on all counts.)

When I meet people that I enjoy I realize how much I can like people and how much I want to be with people I like.  As much as I like presents, experiences, and places, tonight reminded me that the my favorite gift is to be around people that shine and allow you to shine.  Tonight was very shiny.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.