by theobfuscatedone

I just discarded an angsty blogthing post.  I’m still sick and it’s starting to affect my outlook on life (coughing so hard and long that you can’t breathe and gag and fleetingly wonder if living alone was such a good idea because you’d really rather not die and be eaten by your cat until your decomposing corpse smells enough that someone decides to check on you has a tendency to make one a little less than happy [it probably doesn’t help that I have an incredibly active imagination and horrific scenarios keep popping into my head, unbidden.])  Also, laying in bed all day is not all that entertaining and I really miss yoga and doing all the things that I had planned on doing this vacation.  So here I am, bored and sick and wishing that something interesting would happen (as long as it doesn’t require me to do anything since I have no energy and walking to my kitchen [all of 10 feet away] makes me winded.)  However, instead of posting something angsty I’m going to give my five readers some presents, in the spirit of the season.

“‎Your body is a miracle. It’s the only body you’ll ever have. You only get one chance to live in it and revel in it and all the amazing things it can do and feel. Don’t waste it. No one, on their deathbed, wishes they’d only had fewer orgasms and hated their thighs more. You’re fabulous. Dive in.”– Hanne Blank

The first tryptophan casualty- I took this picture outside of Whole Foods on Thanksgiving. I know, I’m so funny.

Perhaps a more substantive post will happen when I’m feeling less miserable.  Until then, Happy Holidays.