The Greatest Discovery of Its Day

by theobfuscatedone

I hate bananas.  Not their flavor but their slimy, goopy texture.  Banana bread that has used puréed bananas?  Gimme gimme.  Banana bread that has banana chunks?  Are you trying to make me vomit?  Jerk.  You ruined perfectly delicious banana bread by not taking the 30 extra seconds to mush your over ripe bananas (I am having serious trouble typing the word ‘banana’.) into oblivion.  So what’s a fruit loving, texture-obsesseed girl to do?

Answer: cut banana up in small chunks and throw it into oatmeal.  Cooked along with the oatmeal, the banana dissolves leaving only its delightful sweetness behind.  Toss in some frozen raspberries and blueberries, which are tasty, healthy, AND make your oatmeal purple (obviously, the color is the #1 reason you should put them in), some chia seed (a recent addition to my daily diet.  They add texture [yay texture!] and are ridiculously good for you.)  C’est tout.

I eat purple oatmeal every day right now (could change tomorrow; I’m fickle.) and am fairly certain it’s one of the best “recipes” I’ve ever stumbled upon.  And just in case you were concerned that this was a remarkably low sugar meal for me, I do dump in some coconut palm sugar, which is still sweet but actually healthier than regular sugar (I’d throw in a link here but I know how you guys love a challenge… or I’m just really lazy) with the added bonus of being available in bulk at my grocery store.  I love the bulk aisle.

In other news, school goes, life goes, I’m happy, kiwis are a delicious new discovery for me, and I am currently painfully aware that being an open book while unable to ‘read’ other people is one of the cruelest twists of fate.  Sigh.  Oh well, it seems to work for me, even if it is occasionally maddening.

I know, totally random but that’s why you guys read this blog, right?  For the next post, I have nothing planned and will rely on my capricious whims to deliver something just as odd and well written as this one.  Until next time!