The Thing

by theobfuscatedone

If only this post were going to be about a monster…

I have been busting my butt trying to get back into my school’s good graces.  In the past month I have knocked out 2 ten page papers and am in the home stretch of finishing 8 hourglasses.  I thought that I was close to being back in those graces.  Unfortunately, I just received an email from my director saying that he wants me to revise 1 of the ten page papers before it gets graded.

Disclaimer: I am not endeavoring to get straight As.  I am endeavoring to get passing grades so that I can get my financial aid back and get my friggin’ Master’s degree.  This particular paper is for a class where I learned nothing and generally hated the entire thing.  I just want to be done.  I sincerely thought that was what my director wanted too.  I know that as an academic he has certain standards, blah blah.  However, in this particular situation, it’s not so much about writing a stand out paper, it’s about turning in something passable (which the paper certainly is) and getting back my bloody financial aid.

To be totally honest, reading that email made me want to cry a bit.  I’ve been doing all this work with very little encouragement from people (really, the only person who is supportive is T) and for fuck’s sake! cut me some goddamn slack.

I’m gonna go daydream about doughnuts and attempt to ignore the fact that I currently feel like punching something or someone.