The Birthday Dilemma

by theobfuscatedone

My birthday is in 14 days.  I’m kind of hoping I slip into a coma until, say, February 27th.  This is because, as of right now, I have no plans.  This is not to say I don’t WANT plans, it simply means that the universe seems to be insisting I spend it alone.  While I have a tentative agreement to celebrate with one of my friends… I want something slightly more planned, larger, and, I don’t know, festive.  Last year’s birthday was SUPER low key and I’m ready for some excitement.  To be frank, I am ready for some positive excitement in general but I’m willing to start small.  I’m gonna be 28, people.  I have 2 years left of my twenties but I’m more than willing to start the send off early.

I have zest, verve, and a willingness to explore so… what should I do?  How can I make this birthday exciting and memorable in the best possible way?

I’m soliciting suggestions but will, inevitably, make my own decisions based on my options.  So if you suggest something, don’t assume that I am going to jump at your suggestion, unless it’s like, hey, you should go to Paris and here’s your first class ticket and all expenses paid trip.  Whoever gives me that can have some of my birthday cake.