Oh the Insanity!

by theobfuscatedone

Nope, that is not a reference to my mental state but rather to the fact that there have been some unexpected events that have occurred in my humble little life.  Firstly, I got sick!  Again!  A virus that is slowly (too slowly) exiting my system.  The invasion required a few changes in my plans (why yes, I am trying to be as vague as possible, thanks for noticing) and thus I have spent the last little while in prolonged omphaloskepsis (translation- pretentious word for navel gazing.)  I went to a talk by Eve Ensler and Isabella Allende (fantastic but emotionally draining [in a good way]), explored Berkeley (is it possible to be in love with a city?  If so, that’s my feeling towards Berkeley), applied for a position teaching ceramics at the Jewish Community Center (which I am short listed for!  Wish me luck!) and have generally experienced a time of relative peace and tranquility.  The hourglasses putter along, the thesis is almost done, my proposal for a presentation at the Joint Graduate Humanities Conference is submitted… honestly, all the things I have control over have been evolving smoothly.  The things I don’t have control over, not so much but as is the case with no control, I can do absolutely jack shit about it.  Do you think it’s all the wood knocking I’ve been doing?

There is not much else I want to report, other than my birthday was fan-fucking-tastic and will go down in history as the birthday that keeps on giving.  C’est tout.  Ta for now.