Welcome Back to Me!

by theobfuscatedone

Hi!  Remember me?  The one who writes this utterly nonsensical blog about nothing in particular?  I know I’ve been quiet for quite some time, which is, face to face, uncharacteristic but totally normal when it comes to my presence on the interwebs.  Unfortunately for you, you decided to follow this blogthing and thus are subject to my whims.  I’ll wait while the magnitude of this mistake dawns on you…

I’m back.  Here’s the low down:

-THE FINAL SHOW IS ON.  Still.  It’s actually happening.  Really and truly (go ahead, pinch yourself.  I bruised myself I had to test it so many times.)  If you would like to come, all 4 of you who read this blog, here are the details:

When: May 7th, 6pm (If you can’t make it on the 7th, there is another, more informal event May 10th.  Arrive between 7 and 7:30pm.)

Where: Heritage and Alumni House aka Edgehill Mansion aka the big yellow mansion on the hill, Dominican University of California Campus, San         Rafael, CA 94901 (When using Map Apps: 50 Acacia Avenue- PLEASE NOTE: This is the general address for Dominican, not Edgehill Mansion specifically)

What: Seriously?  Don’t you already know? Ok fine, since I’m feeling charitable: An art show!  Two graduate Humanities students (me and C, natch) have broken the mold and combined visual arts with the Humanities and are showing their work, namely traditional black and white photographs and ceramics.  There will be a presentation by each of us and you can read our excessively long and academic theses.  And you can (and if you don’t I will be very put out and either make a sad face or kick you- depends on my mood [do you really want to take that chance?]) touch my ceramics.

P.S.- The show doesn’t have a name yet.  I’m working on it.

– I moved!  Woot!  I now live in a place where things happen and I can walk around alone at night.  Also, I live RIGHT across the street from a place that sells homemade marshmallows.  I haven’t sampled them yet as I am waiting for the right time, i.e. when I need sugar  and they are open (the latter being more of a stumbling block than the former.)

– Er… that’s really it.  I mean, I’ve been living my life, hanging out with people (since moving I have a social life.), and generally being me.  It’s a lot of work, don’t judge.

Nine hourglasses for you viewing pleasure. You can see and touch these in person if you come to my show.