by theobfuscatedone

So yes, I have come back from the great beyond, blah blah.  Actually, no.  I have not come back but since I have some time between catastrophes, I decided y’all deserved an update.

Finished my MA.  yay.  I would care but that requires less catastrophes.

Lots of minor catastrophes.  My health, which has never been stellar but was reasonably stable, decided that NOW was the time to nosedive.  I spend my days eating, being worried about when I need to eat (every 3 hours!), and occasionally, when I decide it’s too late to eat (11pm) end the night feeling like I am at death’s door, knocking silently because just standing there would be AWKWARD.  The doctor is guiding me through the problem elimination process but as I am horribly impatient in the best of times, HE IS NOT ELIMINATING FAST ENOUGH OMGOMGOMG.  Whatever, I hate feeling like death.  The whole eating thing sucks because my day literally revolves around meals.  If I don’t eat at the prescribed time I start getting worried because that basically guarantees me some level of deathy feelings.  And sugar is rapidly becoming something that I HAVE to eat (it’s the only thing that reliably works to stop the deathy feelings) which is making it the absolute last thing I want to eat.  Which, in a cruelly ironic twist of fate, makes everything worse.

Because of the aforementioned catastrophes, I spend any time not eating talking with my doctor in some manner.  I have a more consistent relationship with him than my best friend.  Ugh.

I’m looking for a job in the moments between doctor chats, deathy feelings, and eating.

As you can see, my life is a whirlwind of fun and freedom now that I am unshackled from my MA program.

I could lie to you guys and say that I will try to update more but that would require lying, something that, as I have expounded elsewhere (perhaps not on this blogthing, I can’t be bothered to look), takes way more energy than I am willing to give.

I will leave you with this: I graduated.  Customarily, this means I get presents.  Hint HINT.  (I always want presents so graduating is just a handy, socially acceptable reason to blatantly demand them.  Again, hint HINT.)