Life As I Know it

by theobfuscatedone

Because I feel bad about not having posted in AGES, here is a bonus post!

I’m not sure if I’ve told you this or not but I was doing the online dating thing for a bit.  I realized that not going out much and having a small circle of friends meant that if I wanted to date, I had to use the tools available, e.g. okcupid.  (Disclaimer: if you wish to troll me for the fact that I could not get a date without help from one of those “cheesy” online dating sites, I have two responses: 1) get your head out of your ass and join us in the 21st century and 2) I regularly get laid and you troll the internet because nobody loves you- which one of us should be embarrassed?  Moving on.)

My okcupid experience was a good one.  I went on five dates and only the first one was a total dud (I don’t like shopping on the best of days but having a guy take me along to do his shopping, for beauty products [HE USED MORE THAN ME] no less, was really the most depressing thing ever.)  Of the four that weren’t, two had their own issues and dropped off the face of the earth.  One took me to an amazing concert, we danced like crazy, and, while we are not dating, we remain friends.  The fifth and final guy, we’ll call him N, has stuck around.

N and my first date was pretty great.  We met up and he took me to the UC Berkeley Museum.  We wandered around, found an awesome place to talk (seriously, it’s this series of irregular, curved supports and you find the one that fits you best and lie back.  They even have plugs for your computer!) and then went to what is locally known as the “asian ghetto” and had great, cheap Thai food.  We wandered and that was pretty much the beginning of us.

N is great, obviously, otherwise I, the greatest thing ever, would not be with him.  He is sarcastic, generous, and comforting.  Our relationship, from the outside, often looks a little like a boy teasing a girl on the school playground because he likes her.  He teases me, I react, we wrestle, truly, we are actually five (I mean, for fuck’s sake, I LOVE blowing bubbles in the bathtub, cartoon movies [I may or may not be watching “How to Train Your Dragon” as I write this…] and still think friendship bracelets are the best thing ever.)  And if I didn’t like all of the teasing and button pushing, it would suck and I wouldn’t be dating N but since I (secretly) love it; it works for us.  It’s odd to look back over the past few months (we’ve been together since the end of February [should I know the exact date?  I feel like I’m expected to but, really? celebrating EVERY SINGLE ANNIVERSARY seems so silly to me.  Though I do like presents… maybe I should rethink my stance.)

To sum up, I am dating someone whom I adore.  He treats me well and I love that our relationship has evolved to fit us, rather than some crazy outside expectation (He and I both struggle with the terms boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other.  While on the one hand, they are handy short hand [heh] for outsiders, they are also… weird.  I always refer to N as N and will only use boyfriend if absolutely necessary.  Though isn’t it obvious if we are holding hands that we are something important to each other?  Ugh, societal fail.)

In closing, I offer you one the five million and twelve photos of a meal N and I ate together (I have no idea why he documents them):

One of the burgers we shared. We were both impressed with the taste (we are truly critical of most burgers.) The bites are from me. I was STARVING.

And, because I’m interested, in the comments, using haiku format (5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables) tell me about the best date you went on.