by theobfuscatedone

I think I’ve told you before that I can’t really tell time.  Clocks and watches are not my friends.  Despite the fact that I NEVER actually know what time it is, I am rarely late and usually early and this speedy tendency filters out to how I respond to business-y emails, phone calls, and other missives.  My procrastination tendencies are generally confined to school papers (which I don’t have to do anymore!!!  Why didn’t anyone tell me that life outside of school meant no papers?!?!?)  As a result, my ability to tolerate a lack of speedy response is severely limited.  And as I am applying to jobs, that (in)ability is being tested in the extreme.

I have applied to oh, you know, over 60 jobs in the past 2 months and while I realize that is a comparatively small amount, I have gotten only a handful of responses (all rejections, thanks for asking.)  I take issue with this because it would be nice to be able to stop hoping and know just how many job applications I actually have being considered.  As it stands now, as far as I know, I have about 56 applications still outstanding.  And I am horribly impatient.  My follow-ups are generally ignored (please tell me that I just need to be persistent and I will tell you that a good portion of the jobs I have applied for have explicitly stated that follow up inquiries will be ignored.  The digital age, people, the digital age has destroyed everything, including the job hunting process.  I’m still following up but have come to expect zero response.  Annoying as all get out and rather demoralizing to boot.)

All of this is to say that I will happily take a job where all I do is politely tell people that whatever they want is being worked on but it’s going to take a few days and we’ll get back to them next week.  It’s really not that hard to keep people updated and, yes, it takes time, but it also shows that while this is all business we recognize that we are still dealing with real, thinking, feeling, people who deserve a basic level of respect.  I may not like most people but I am consistently civil towards others until they show that they don’t even deserve that.  And then I just ignore them.  It’s pretty simple to maintain a veneer of niceness even when, deep down inside, you are plotting everyone’s demise.

On a totally different note, today has been a wash.  On the dark side, not so good things happened to N and since I care about him and am far too empathetic it’s been stressful.  On the bright side, my dad sent me a bunch of mason jars (*smashsmash* broken plastic everywhere!  I hate plastic cups.  And now I can get rid of them!  Also, drinking out of mason jars is the best.  [Okay, I didn’t really smash the plastic cups, they will be placed high up on a shelf until I get too lazy to do the dishes and then get the step stool to pull them down… why am I putting them where I can’t easily reach them?])  I found out that my childhood best friend is in SF and on Sunday I am seeing her.  I haven’t seen or really talked to in over a decade and I am weirdly excited while also incredibly nervous because I felt a little weird suggesting we get together even though we haven’t really communicated in forever (which is why I am typing as if I am talking without taking a breath because that is exactly what is happening.) Oh well, I’ll awkwardly mention it and then I’ll feel better because at least we’re on the same page of awkwardness.  Awesome.

For the finale, I will fall asleep.  Ta da!