Intuition for Dummies

by theobfuscatedone

So, yesterday we discussed, briefly, my sun and moon astrological signs.  Just to recap, my sun sign is Pisces and my moon sign is Scorpio.  One of the biggest things for both signs is emotion.  And one thing I have found that comes along with emotion is pretty spot on intuition.  I may not understand or read people very well but if you give me a second to ponder, I will usually produce a spot on assessment of what’s going to happen next.  I’m also always right on an objective level (as in, I’m not the only one who knows I am right.  People learn, usually after the fact, that had they listened to me, it would have turned out the way they wanted.  But they didn’t listen to me and so now it’s all fuckered up and has to be fixed.  LISTEN TO ME AND WE CAN AVOID THIS IN THE FUTURE.)

But back to intuition.  I had been chatting with a guy online for an hour, tops, when he invited me on a date, that night, an hour’s bus ride away.  My intuition said do it! and I did.  I stayed the night at his place and we’ve been friends ever since.  As much as it pains me to admit it, I have internalized some societal standards, such as never sleep with someone on the first date.  But then I ignore them and everything turns out great.  If I hadn’t ignored them I would have remained alone, in my apartment that night instead of seeing a great band play the most amazing music and hanging out with someone who’s pretty awesome.  This is one of many examples where I listened to myself and got something great as a result.

When it comes to N, I spend a lot of time listening to my intuition.  He’s not really a sharer, at least not to the extent I am, i.e. he shares a normal amount whereas I over share and think that’s normal, thus skewing my perception, and so I don’t necessarily hear every one of his thoughts (probably a good thing as two people with no filter getting together would likely cause the world to implode.)  Yesterday, with N very distant, I wanted, desperately, to assault him with my versions of caring, concern, and questions.  My intuition told me this was a very bad idea and I needed to wait until he was ready and since my intuition has a history of being right, I followed its instructions, much as it pained me.  And lo, last night N and I talked.  All of my questions were answered without my having to ask them (less work for me!)  And it seemed to do N some good as well.  There are still some questions to be asked but they had to wait until after he found out the answer so I will likely find out tonight.  But my intuition says its good news.

Non sequitur:

Today I meet up with my childhood best friend, whom I haven’t seen or really spoken to in over a decade.  I’m weirdly excited and nervous.  So much time has passed and I wonder what we will talk about.  I wonder if we will get on as well as we did in middle school.  We were thick as thieves back then and I still remember a sign that was on a desk in her house, which said, “only those who are left handed are in their right mind.” or something to the effect.  If you get the joke, good job, if not, here’s the explanation: people who are right handed have the left hemisphere of their brain as the dominant hemisphere.  People who are left handed are right hemisphere dominant.  Left hand, right mind, get it?  Also, she is left handed.  Anyway, that is a very random and distinct memory I have of her.  I also remember the day I first got glasses and my mom took me to her house so I could show them off.  I was AMAZED at how colorful the world is with correct vision and was super excited to SEE.  Now glasses are old hat, we both live away from our hometown, I just finished grad school, she works for an activewear company… there is just so much that has happened to both of us in the intervening decade.  Is a few hours enough time to recap it all?  Even just my highlights will likely take the better part of an hour and if this blog has taught you nothing, I am rather incapable of telling a short story (am I using that expression right?  I think so but when I read it over it made no sense.)

I have an hour and a half before the fateful meeting, I have butterflies in my stomach, and am not sure how to keep myself occupied.  So much happening, and if my horoscope is right, more exciting things will happen for me this month.  And if anyone is morbidly curious, here is the site I use to tell me what the stars have in store for me:  Go and read your horoscope and then tell me what it says.  Tomorrow we’ll have breaking news about my art job.