Flat On My Back

by theobfuscatedone

Flat on my back is where I’m typing this from because my blood pressure decided it was cool to drop to, oh, 104/62, in just a few seconds.  I knew even before I took my blood pressure (I have an at home cuff/machine ’cause I’m cool like that.  Thanks Mom!) that something was up because I had just lay down and then I couldn’t really control my twitching arm and I thought I might pass out AND my head was throbbing from lack of blood.  I have experienced everything but the uncontrollable twitching arm before so it wasn’t all that bad just really weird.  I could HEAR the blood attempting to rush to my head in an effort to not pass out and I could FEEL my heart beating faster in the hopes that it could help too.

It’s very weird to be able to feel your body attempting to compensate and failing.  It’s even weirder to know that people would kill for my regular blood pressure (unless I am going through postural changes [hence my diagnosis of postural hypotension] my blood pressure hovers around 120/70, which, as anyone with hypertension will tell you, is perfect and virtually unattainable by normal folks.  Unless you have hypotension.  In that case, you get perfect blood pressure most of the time while experiencing ill effects when going from sitting to standing.  So which would you prefer: not-ever-perfect blood pressure but no drastic changes or perfect blood pressure with the caveat that when you stand up from lying/sitting down, you will get lightheaded and feel like you’re going to pass out?  Tough choice, I know.)

Anyway, the whole point of telling you this was to introduce my day, which, up until I started playing with my blood pressure (seriously, after the first episode, I stood up and lay down several times, each time taking my blood pressure, just to see the changes.  Weird but cool.  But probably not safe or smart.  Don’t be like me kids.) had gone rather well, especially considering my atrocious morning.

I am never a morning person.  But if I was up late the night before, getting me to wake up early (8:30am) is asking WAY too much.  Not because I have strong feelings about being up early but because my body, if it hasn’t had enough sleep, absolutely refuses to work.  It will misbehave and make me do obnoxious things until I give it more sleep and then it cooperates.  Unfortunately, I was supposed to be up early for something and poor N tried valiantly to get me there.  However, even a saint can only withstand so much and after I grumped about and threw a tempter tantrum in the bathroom with my eyes half open, he realized that it was a lost cause and let me go back to sleep.  The fact that he didn’t kill me in my sleep makes me so grateful because, quite frankly, I was being a brat of the highest order and was utterly insufferable to myself.  I can only imagine what it looked like from his vantage point.

Once I woke up properly things were much better.  I have a second chance to do the thing I was supposed to do today, next Tuesday, and we have already pledged early nights to prepare for that.  I got some work done for the art lab, which was exciting.  Planned meals for the week with N, took a bath… good god, I am bored to tears, how have you made it this far?

All of this is a long form way of saying that I have nothing of note to say.  Tell me boring things in the comments.