So This Girl Walks Into a Bike Shop…

by theobfuscatedone

… And buys a bike.  I know, lamest joke ever.  Read on!

I sold my bike a while back.  It was too big. Comically too big and dangerous for me to ride without knee and elbow pads (seriously, controlling that thing was like a mouse trying to control a tank.  Taking a turn was taking my life and knee skin in my hands.)  This is one of the many problems that arise when you are short.  Things that most people take for granted, like having a wide range of bike styles to choose from.

I’ve been looking for another one that fits in my extremely limited budget for a while.  Part of the issue was that I am rather short and most bike companies do not make bikes for short people.  Sure, they make bikes for women 5′ 2″ and up but that is a half inch taller than I and that half inch makes all the difference.  Recently I went into a local bike store to try out sizes to give me a base line for what size I should be looking for.  I tried an extra small frame, designed for women 5′ 2″ to 5′ 4″.  It *almost* fit.  Almost but not quite.  It was hard for me to reach the handle bars and the ground was too far away.  However, as luck would have it, they had an extra extra small frame in stock.

This is a frame for women 4′ 9″ to 5′ 2″.

This frame fit!

Now, in preparation for purchasing a bike I have been saving money.  Squirreling away $5 whenever I could, along with the money I made from selling my bike.  This has been going on for months so I had saved a bit.

And now I had found a frame that fit me.  I could carry it, the geometry worked for my shape, it had an upright riding style (I am horribly accident prone and worry that any other riding style would result in me smacking into a tree.  No me gusta.)  The kicker was that it was on sale.  Clearance, in fact (it turns out that there is little demand for xxs frames so my local bike shop was clearing out the few they had.  Lucky me!)

Now I have a bike.  I have owned it for all of 5 days and have ridden over 10 miles.  My legs are dying but OMG riding a bike is so much fun!  Nothing can beat that feeling of swiftly flying down a hill… straight into oncoming traffic.  Just kidding, I try not to die whilst on my emerald green bike.  So far I’ve been successful, so never fear, I am not writing this post from the great beyond.  I am not getting ectoplasm on my former computer keyboard.

Having a bike has been a blessing.  It makes getting around my city much easier, it opens up the options for where I can go, how fast, and how much I can carry (I have a basket!)  This has made grocery shopping much easier, amongst other things.

On a totally different note, I have an internship at a really cool social media marketing agency, which should help my job hunt, which is ongoing (grr.)  I keep on keeping on and am hopeful that things will get even better here in the not so distant future.  Wish me luck!

Visit me here and on Twitter (@HapticAnimal) and pester me about posting more.  Seriously, I do about 5 million things a day and sometimes I forget about you and this blogthing.  I’ll do my best to remind myself and maybe together we can get me posting more frequently (you guys do want that, right?)