Hey It’s Wednesday!

by theobfuscatedone

It’s the day I promised you all I would post on the regular and except for the whole regular part, I did it!  Excuse me while I undeservedly pat myself on the back…

Unfortunately for you, nothing of note has happened.  I spent Christmas and New Year’s in an exceedingly boring suburb playing with cats, housesitting for a friend, and riding my bike 30 miles at a stretch.  I only liked one of the cats; she was social.  The other was an extreme ‘fraidy cat and by the time I left I still wasn’t able to pet her without her startling.  Ugh.

Side note- my stomach is making scary sounds and I am concerned that a small but exceedingly angry alien is going to burst forth at any moment.  I already ate- WHAT DOES IT WANT???

Not much has changed since last I wrote and so I’m not really sure what to say other than hi!  I need to go ride my bike now.  Catch ya later!