Bike Girl

by theobfuscatedone

Ok, firstly, it is not Wednesday, I know.  I think we all just need to face the facts and realize that this blog is spontaneous and based on the whims of someone with a less than firm grip on reality, so, take what you can get.  I’m not trying to get famous or anything with this blog so I think that if we all just lower our expectations to non-existent, in the end we’ll all be pleasantly surprised.

Now that that’s out of the way, something interesting FINALLY happened in my life so I actually have something to tell y’all.  I WAS IN A BIKE ACCIDENT.  I broke my pinky finger and required stitches.  Backing up a bit, I was riding with N to the gym.  We got split up, I ended up on a busy street and I tried to take the first left off of it.  The kindly soul who ran me out of my lane and helped me get my face connected with the pavement DID NOT stick around (though they did stop for the red light, so there’s that…) Some random guy saw me, bleeding profusely (head wounds bleed, a lot) and lying in the middle of the road and stopped, called 911 (btw, this all happened, like, a block away from the police station.  It was obviously meant to be.) and sat with me until the cops and ambulance came.  Also, btw, this all happened last Wednesday so that is my excuse for not posting on that particular Wednesday (LIES!  I had no plans to write anything, accident or no.)

Anyway, the ambulance came, and after removing copious amounts of blood from my face (seriously, it was like a geyser.  I still need to clean the blood rivulets off my coat.  I went through a handful of napkins the guy who stopped for me had.) determined that I needed stitches and whisked me away to the hospital.  My bike came along for the ride because my other option was to have PD take it and I could retrieve it later but that seemed like a huge hassle and the ambulance ride was hassle enough.  So there I am, along with my bike, in the back of an ambulance riding to the ER.

I was taken into the ER (I had to WALK in.  Seriously, ambulance rides do not equal full service.) where a kindly doctor looked me over and prescribed a cleaning of the wound and a hand x-ray (by then my hand had started to hurt, largely because my pinky was broken.  Which I didn’t find out till the next day, but I’m getting ahead of myself.)  I had the x-ray and then I was taken into a room where they irrigated my head wound.  Now, for those of you without the privilege of having had a wound irrigated, it goes like this: patient lies back and is tilted precariously on gurney.  Nurse proceeds to flood wound site with copious amounts of saline.  There is pain and the saline is fucking freezing.  I start getting antsy because I hate hospitals and I was in pain.  Cue sad whimpering.  Now, just to help you picture the scene a bit better, in the background is my largely unscathed bike, hanging from an IV stand.  The nurses thought it very clever.

Once the irrigation was done the doc came in and said he saw the x-rays and nothing was broken (LIES!) and that unfortunately my head wound was gaping so the original option of using surgical glue was out.  Instead I needed stitches.  He proceeded to put in said stitches and seemed very proud of the fancy one that was holding together three flaps of skin.  Whoop dee doo.  I was just glad people had stopped fiddling with the painful parts on me.

Then came the fun part.  I had to call N and my mom and tell them, hey, I’m in the emergency room cause someone ran me off the road and I got all sorts of fucked up.  But tell them I did and they coordinated a taxi to take me and the bike home.  At this point my hospital visit was coming to a close, all that was left was discharge papers and a tetanus shot.  I got the shot and went out to wait for my taxi and ponder the night’s earlier events.

The following day I looked like shit- I had a puffy black eye from the head wound, some road rash on my face, and was sore all over.  I also got a call from the ER informing me that the radiologist had looked at my x-rays, presumably to double check the doc’s reading, and my pinky was actually broken.  Could I come in and get it taped?  So after a horrible night, I trekked back to the hospital and got my hand looked at and taped up, which is how it needs to stay for the next 4-6 weeks.  Typing is awkward.

After all this I took the rest of the week off from biking and just watched the swelling slowly subside on my face.  The black eye is finally clearing up so I no longer look like I ran into a doorknob.

All in all, a very exciting night.  Not exciting in a good way but it certainly got the blood pumping (out of my face.)  That’s the most exciting thing that’s happened to me in a while.  What have you been up to?