Late twenties full time graduate student working towards and MA in Humanities.  Focus is on literature and ceramics.  Often described as a bitch.

This is largely due to misunderstanding my actions.  I walk fast and with purpose because I have shit to do.  I am blunt and honest because it’s easier than keeping all those lies straight.  I’m smart and independent.   I am a confident young woman who knows that she is valuable.  I don’t talk to new people because I am shy.  My particular brand of humor is heavy on sarcasm.  In short, I know I am amazing and have no problem letting other people know that.  And lest you think I am entirely self absorbed, I am blessed enough to have many amazing, fascinating people in my life and I celebrate them as much as myself.  Apparently, all this adds up to “bitch” in the minds of others.

Social conventions don’t get much use in my life.  While I think I am incredibly important for the world, I am the last person who would want to be cloned. One of me is enough.  I’m a constant contradiction; I can’t tell time on an analog clock with any degree of accuracy; I occasionally speak in French, either just to hear it, confuse someone, or insult someone; I am almost completely unable to spatially organize things (my mother and sister would always come in behind me after I loaded the dishwasher, shuffle a few things around, and create space for 3 more days worth of dishes while I watched on in confusion); I have no sense of direction and get around largely by landmarks and visual cues; I don’t drive (in an emergency I could operate a car but would prefer not to); I go out to eat by myself all the time and enjoy it; I hate asking for help; Being alone is not cause for concern for me; I’m often frighteningly realistic while still managing to be an incurable romantic and idealist; logic plays a large role in my life; I love language and have studied many; I frequently engage in omphaloskepsis which leads to all the information I just provided.

I laugh loudly with my whole body.  I love giving hugs and cuddling.  I have somehow managed to retain a child-like wonder that let’s me find pleasure in simple things, like my favorite candy or having clay splashed all over my feet.  I swing my legs while I’m sitting (this is a friend’s favorite thing about me.)

I should not be left unsupervised.  I frequently injure myself in the most unlikely places.  I smashed by thumb when I was closing my sliding glass door.  It’s now black.  I opened a door to one of the buildings at school and it ran over my toe, severely mangling it and requiring a bandage job that made my pinky toe larger than my big toe.  I fall on stairs all the time.  When left alone I tend to do things like send random nonsensical emails and do cartwheels in my living room.  I enjoy twisting myself into pretzel-esque positions.

I could go on and on (let me tell you, this regular omphaloskepsis is really paying off.)  I won’t.  I will leave with this:

“Life is impermanent and in the face of that impermanence, cavort!  Look death in the eye, tell him you’re cute as a button, flash a little defiant guile his way, and tell him to go feast on someone else’s sweet flesh.”– Nancy Mitford, Savage Beauty: The life of Edna St. Vincent Millay- This sums up how I live my life.

Favorite sweets: cupcakes, tropical Starburst, Trolli Peachie-Os, Trolli Sour Brits Crawlers, Sweet Tarts, cake, cookies, marshmallows.

Favorite comedians: Eddie Izzard, Dylan Moran

Participation is key.  Life is a full contact sport if you’re doing it right.