Now that my mother is aware of this blog and that means other family members probably aren’t far behind, along with professors, and anyone else who could possibly find some of the content contained here… disagreeable, I present- the Disclaimer! page.

Just so we are perfectly clear: all opinions, photos, expletives, etc. are mine and mine alone.

Things I do NOT know everything about:  everything.

The only thing I am an expert at is being sarcastic.  I am not an expert potter, writer, chef, or person. When I say that handles are too fussy I mean that I do not like making handles because I find them aesthetically inadequate on my work.  In general, handles are great and useful.  Other potters’ handles are wonderful.  I hope they continue to make them so I don’t have to.  When I say plates are boring I mean that I find making plates less than exciting.  Plates, in general, are incredibly useful.  I just avoid making them because I can.

I am a steadfastly blunt person and as such will say what I mean without couching it in niceties or common sense.  This means that what you are reading is the WHOLE of whatever I mean to say. There is no need to look for subtext or infer anything.  I don’t like having to work that hard and I won’t make you do anything I wouldn’t.